Types of Counselling and Fees

Young people over 18 years
Individual adults
Older people

Relationship Counselling

I believe that none of us are easily defined; that we are complex beings and don’t necessary fit into neat, tidy roles. The counselling I offer respects difference and I commit to reflecting this diversity through the inclusive approach I adopt. Therefore, whatever sexuality, gender or relationship style you identify with, you will be made to feel welcome and accepted.

We are all in multiple relationships at any one time and counselling can help you navigate the difficulties they can bring.


You may find that you repeatedly find yourself in similar situations with the people in your life, frustrated at not seeming to understand why. Or perhaps, the same disagreements may keep cropping up in your relationships and despite your best efforts they re-emerge with vengeance again and again. Counselling can help you understand why this is happening and give you the tools to break unhelpful patterns and create the opportunity for more harmony within your relationships.

The benefit of my integrative approach means that I am able to make use of the wide range of different skills I have gathered during my professional life. For example, it may be useful to consider the influence of your past experiences and think about the reasons you respond to certain situations the way you do. Exploring the effect of these influences in conjunction with thinking about practical strategies you may wish to try to create change, will enable you to be better able to move forward feeling positive.

Attending counselling with your partner may help you both to say the things you want to be able to communicate, but don’t know how. Often, working with a counsellor can mean that the conversations you have tried to have with your partner go easier and prevent some of the common defensive blocks to communication that have previously got in your way. Together we will gradually work through the process at a pace that feels right so that you are both able to work through the difficulties you have been experiencing. With the benefit of counselling, it’s common for couples to be able to view the unhelpful patterns that keep re-emerging differently and what emerges is a new found compassion and empathy for the other person.


My years and breadth of professional experience means that I am able to help you with the difficult situations that life sometimes throws at you. I have worked with people going through depression and anxiety, relationship struggles, parenting challenges, bereavement and work stress.

Initial Telephone Consultation






I require 48 hours cancellation notice, without this the full fee is payable.

You may pay for your sessions weeks or months in advance, but I will require payment at least 48 hours prior to your session. You can pay in cash or bank transfer. I will provide you with a receipt.